Marketing Your Home For Sale

How We Market Your Home For Sale

Mass, Direct and Channel Marketing
Marketing is a broad and general term. When we list a home, we break our marketing down into different categories, all with the objective to increase buyer traffic and sell the home quickly and at the most competitive price.

Mass Marketing – This type of marketing does not target a specific audience or a specific feature within your home. Mass Marketing attempts to reach a wide range of demographics with a general message. Typical Mass Marketing includes various websites such as MLS,,, etc.

The objective of Mass Marketing is to push information on your home to buyers, brokers and the general public. We are also very savvy with our social media to attract buyers via our Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to name a few. This helps us cover the young X & Y gen buyers as well as the tech advanced baby boomers.

Direct Marketing – This type of marketing is exactly what its term depicts – direct. It is directly targeted toward a specific buyer community or directly toward buyer agents. Direct Marketing is targeted mailings of feature sheets, open house announcements,
broker open houses, incentives, status changes etc. via postal mail, email, fax or phone calls.

Channel Marketing – This type of marketing focuses specifically on the Broker community with the objective of getting them excited about your home so that they in turn “channel” that excitement to their buyers. Many times Channel Marketing is directed toward top Brokers, in top towns, where the buyers are coming from. We use our years of experience, our good relationships with other Brokers and technology to effectively market to this channel

It is important to perform all of these marketing methods in a strategic and on-going basis in order to continually drive the most traffic to your home and sell your home in the fastest time possible and at the most competitive price.